My name is Dulce Ayoubi-Acosta and I'm a govie (read "nerd") turned photographer. I'm also an unapologetic chicana, extroverted introvert, a romance novel enthusiast, a gym rat, a wife, and a mom to two crazies.

I consider myself a people photographer, with families, maternity, nikkahs, and branding being my niche areas. There's just something about getting shots of real emotions and natural expressions that takes the cake for me. Nothing beats being able to capture emotive moments that can be experienced again and again for generations to come.

Why Nopal?

As a Mexican American, I grew up hearing how indigenous features were undesirable. There are even sayings in Spanish associating "nopal" (the spanish word for cactus) with indigenous roots and painting indigeneity in a negative light. Through the name of Nopal Photography, I am reclaiming the word "nopal" as something positive and beautiful. Through my work, I aim to overturn assumptions of what is beautiful and what is preferred by archaic beauty standards. You and I are beautiful as we are right now. Regardless of what journey we are on. We are masterpieces waiting to be showcased in photographs solo or with loved ones. And I'd love to be the one with the privilege of showcasing you!